Nicole (Stringfellow) Langston ’14

Judicial Law Clerk, United States Courts for the Sixth Circuit

When I entered law school I was not familiar with the legal field or the advantages of different opportunities, and the Career Services attorney-counselors walked me through every step.

They always answered my questions, no matter how simple, and consistently encouraged me to go after different legal opportunities. What sticks out the most is my interaction with my attorney-counselors through my clerkship application process. All hands were on deck and I truly felt like the entire office was behind me. From the application process, to resume and writing sample reviews, to interview skills, I was able to land two federal clerkships before I left law school. I was offered both of my clerkships on the spot and specifically credit the “Fundamentals of Legal Practice” program for giving me solid interview and networking skills that I believe made the difference in my interviews.