Women Lead WITH Illinois Law

Our Mission

Illinois Law is committed to the advancement of women in the legal profession. Nationally renowned female scholars have made their home on our faculty, researching cutting edge legal topics in areas involving psychology and the law, criminal law and procedure, family law, environmental law and ethics, tax law, employment discrimination, transitional justice, and more. Our administration has boasted many successful women in dean and assistant dean positions, and Illinois Law alumnae include activists, academics, judges and justices, and leaders in public and private law.

Women Lead WITH Illinois Law aims to gather the members of our community – students, faculty, alumni, and guests – for a variety of programming intended to inspire and empower women to embrace positions of leadership in the law, to create meaningful connections, and to support each other’s personal and professional goals. We will:

  • Share knowledge about issues and challenges that are unique to women in the legal profession, as well as innovative approaches to navigating them throughout the career life cycle.
  • Provide intergenerational female-to-female opportunities to network and build or enhance existing relationships.
  • Promote a culture of inclusivity by cultivating diverse female voices to provide a range of lived experiences and perspectives.
  • Celebrate our female students, faculty, and alumni who are either in leadership positions themselves or are actively working to advance workplace equity.

Women Lead Planning Committee

O. Hanna Badmus ’12
Shawna Boothe ’13
Betsy Farrington ’16
Ashley Kennedy ’19
Lisa M. Kpor ’14
Jean Manning ’83
Elizabeth Polit ’15
Suzie Saxman ’81
Miranda Soucie ’10
Ramona Sullivan ’96
Suja Thomas
Elena Vekilov ’13
Hon. Debra Walker ’87
Lesley Wexler
Brittany Wiegand ’20

Women Lead WITH Illinois Law Scholarship

The Women Lead WITH Illinois Law Scholarship will support strong, professional women at the University of Illinois College of Law during their legal studies. This scholarship serves as a way for the alumni of the Illinois College of Law to further promote future generations of women at our law school through a monetary gift. The Women Lead WITH Illinois Law Scholarship will be awarded to JD students at the University of Illinois College of Law who identify as female, have financial need, and have successfully completed at least one year of the JD program. To make a gift to the scholarship, select Women Lead WITH Illinois Scholarship Fund from the dropdown on our Giving page:

Make a Gift

To learn more about Women Lead programming, and to get involved, please contact Heather Ball, Director of Events and Alumni Programming.