Gift Recognition

We are profoundly grateful for the donations of time, talent, and treasure from our alumni and friends.

Without your unwavering support, the College would simply not be able to deliver upon the mission of providing a first rate legal education to its students. Listed below are all of our current named scholarships and awards, endowed professorships, endowed fellowships, and endowed lectures.

  • Named Scholarships & Awards

    A.J. Harno Scholarships
    Alan & Jean Metz Memorial Scholarship
    Alice M. Chellberg Scholarship
    Aloysius T. Stonitsch Scholarship for Law in Memory of Judith Cherven
    Alvin & Ann Baum Public Interest in Law Scholarship
    Anna Lou Johnston Roth Scholarship
    Anthony J. Augustine, Jr., Scholarship in Law
    Arthur E. Harrison Scholarship in Law
    Bayko/Brown Scholarship
    Black Law Students Association Alumni Scholarship
    Bonita Matthews Whitlock Scholarship
    Carl L. Vacketta Scholarship in Law
    Charles A. and Dianne Blixt Scholarship in Law
    Classes of 1954 and 1955 Scholarship
    Class of 1960 Scholarship
    Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund
    Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund
    Class of 1967 Scholarship
    Class of 1982 Scholarship
    Class of 1996 Public Interest Endowed Student Award
    College of Law Alumni Scholarships
    College of Law Board of Visitors Student Scholarships
    Daniel I. Schlessinger Current Use Scholarship Fund
    David B. Schulman Current Use Scholarship
    David C. Baum Memorial Scholarship in Law
    Delmer R. Mitchell Scholarship
    Donald M. & Betty J. Lasser Scholarship
    Dr. Arjun P. Aggarwal International Student Award
    Dr. Paul M. Lisnek Excellence in Trial Advocacy Awards
    Dr. Paul Rosenberg & Dr. Karen Altay-Rosenberg Scholarship in Law
    Drew J. Scott Current Use Scholarship
    Dykema Scholarship
    Ellen Daar Kerschner Memorial Scholarship
    Ester Anderson Gaffert Fund
    European Alumni Scholarship
    Heather K. Aeschleman Current Use Scholarship Fund
    H.H. Harris Foundation Charles H. Hough Award
    Hall Prangle Schoonveld Scholarship in Law
    Harker Memorial Fund Prize
    Harold E. & Dorothy Johnson Sortor Scholarship
    Hiram W. Belnap Scholarship in Law
    Honorable Edward R. Duncan, Jr. Scholarship in Law
    Illinois Cyber Security Scholars Program
    J. Nelson Young Scholarship Fund
    Jack A. Grohne Memorial Scholarship
    James D. & Pauline Montgomery College of Law Scholarship
    Jason E. Bellows Memorial Scholarship
    Jenner and Block Minority Scholarship
    John G. Stifler Memorial Law Scholarship
    John H. Rapp Scholarship in Law
    John T. Pierce, Jr. Scholarship Fund
    Jon and Christin Gurka Scholarship in Law
    Joseph W. Rickert, Rickert Awards for Excellence
    Judge Gale A. Mathers Scholarship
    Larry Travis Bushong Student Award
    Latina/o Law Students Association Scholarship Fund
    Leonard P. Lewicki Scholarship in Law
    Lott R. Herrick Scholarship
    M.R. Bauer/Paul B. & Virginia L. Uhlenhop Scholarship
    Madison County Bar Association Scholarship
    Mark Schwartzmann Scholarship in Law
    Marvin Novick Scholarship in Law
    Mendenhall Family Scholarship in Law
    Meyer Capel Scholarship
    Michael A. Monts Scholarship in Law
    Michael A. Massing Memorial Scholarship in Intellectual Property Law
    Michael L. Tipsord Scholarship
    Public Interest Law Foundation Grants
    Ralph Lesemann Memorial Scholarship in Law
    Robert A. & Marla K. Benziger Scholarship
    Robert E. and Jane C. Ferris Endowment Fund
    Robert H. Clements Scholarship
    Roger A. Clark Scholarship
    Rubin & Lillian Cohn Scholarship
    Sandra Brown Sherman Current Use Scholarship
    SBA Student Leadership Grants
    Stuart M. Mamer Scholarship
    Suzie Saxman & Peter Labadie Scholarship in Law
    Taisa Markus Current Use Scholarship Fund
    Terrance D. Paul Law Scholarships
    The Honorable Richard E. and Joyce M. Eagleton Scholarship in Law
    W.W. Blair Memorial Scholarship in Law
    Walter Bartle Smith Memorial Scholarships
    Ward F. McDonald Scholarship in Law
    Wayne R. & Loretta LaFave Scholarships
    William H. and Franklin M. Hartzell, Sr. Scholarship Fund
    William Van Hagey Scholarship in Law

  • Endowed Professorships


    Albert J. Harno and Edward W. Cleary Chair in Law
    Swanlund Chair in Law
    H. Ross & Helen Workman Chair in Law
    Guy Raymond Jones Chair in Law
    Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Chair
    Mildred Van Voorhis Jones Chair in Law


    Iwan Foundation Professor of Law
    Carl L. Vacketta Professor of Law
    Albert E. Jenner, Jr. Professor of Law
    Richard W. and Marie L. Corman Professor of Law
    David C. Baum Professor of Law
    Peer & Sarah Pedersen Professor of Law
    Max L. Rowe Professor of Law
    Edwin M. Adams Professor of Law
    Prentice H. Marshall Professor of Law
    Alice Curtis Campbell Professor of Law
    Roger and Stephany Joslin Professor of Law

    Faculty Scholars

    Nancy Snowden Research Scholar in Law
    H. Ross & Helen Workman Research Scholar in Law
    Lynn H. Murray Faculty Scholar in Law
    Mildred Van Voorhis Jones Scholar in Law
    Guy Raymond Jones Faculty Scholar in Law
    Richard and Anne Stockton Faculty Scholar

  • Named Fellowships

    Aundrea K. and Joe B. Gulley Fellowship in Law
    Caswell Crebs Fellowship in Law
    Jerome Mirza Program in Advocacy Fund
    Kimball R. and Karen Gatsis Anderson Public Interest Grant Program Fund
    Law Equal Opportunity Fellowships
    Madalyn Maxwell Public Interest Fellowship Fund
    Silvio J. Troianello Public Interest Grant Program Fund

  • Endowed Lectures

    Ann F. Baum Memorial Elder Law Lecture

    In remembrance of the life of Mrs. Ann F. Baum, a gift through her estate has endowed the Ann F. Baum Memorial Elder Law Lecture. This lecture series seeks to promote the relevant and timely discussion of broad range of issues relating to the intersection of public policy, the law, and the elderly.

    Mrs. Baum was born November 11, 1922, into a poor Irish Catholic family. A life-long resident of the Chicago area, Mrs. Baum grew up with seven siblings. She and her husband, the late Alvin H. Baum, operated an investment firm in Chicago. Mr. Baum passed away in 1982, and Mrs. Baum passed away in 2005.

    Mrs. Baum and her late husband were compassionate individuals who supported a broad array of charities as well as providing direct support to needy individuals. Targets of their giving included the disadvantaged, the young, the elderly, religious organizations, educational organizations, and civic organizations. Their legacy of giving and sharing is continued through the Alvin H. Baum Family Fund of which Alvin and Ann were both benefactors.

    The Ann F. Baum Memorial Elder Law Lecture constitutes a fitting memorial to a woman who was deeply concerned with the rights and issues pertaining to elderly people in our society.

    David C. Baum Memorial Lecture on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

    The family and friends of David C. Baum endowed the David C. Baum Memorial Lecture on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights not only in his memory, but at his request.

    Deep concern for the dignity and rights of all people was central to Professor Baum’s character and activities. After receiving his undergraduate and legal education at Harvard University, Professor Baum served as law clerk for Justice Walter V. Schaefer of the Illinois Supreme Court, 1959-60. He then practiced law with the Chicago firm of Ross, McGowan, Hardies and O’Keefe until he joined the faculty of the University of Illinois College of Law in 1963.

    Professor Baum was an inspiration to his student and colleagues, not only because of the excellence of his teaching, scholarship, and public service, but because of his remarkable human qualities. Conscientious and judicious, blending passion for justice with dispassionate objectivity, he inspired the highest level of discourse and endeavor in all who had the privilege of knowing and working with him.

    It is hoped that the David C. Baum Memorial Lecture on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights will constitute a fitting memorial to a man whose unrelenting intellectual vigor and moral commitment made his presence in the world of law invaluable.

    Vacketta-DLA Piper Lecture on the Role of Government and the Law

    This series was made possible through the generosity of Carl Vacketta, ’65, and DLA Piper, which has more than 4,200 lawyers in offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States; and represents more clients in a broader range of geographies and practice disciplines than any other law firm in the world.

    The Vacketta-DLA Piper Lecture Series is a component of The Marbury Institute, named for William L. Marbury, Jr. (1901-1988), who was instrumental in the development of the firm and devoted his career to public and community service. The Institute serves as DLA Piper’s initiative to promote the highest ideals of the legal profession.

    Paul M. Van Arsdell, Jr. Memorial Lecture on Litigation and the Legal Profession

    In commemoration of the life and accomplishments of Paul M. Van Arsdell, Jr., the law firm of Latham and Watkins, the Van Arsdell family, and his many friends, colleagues, and clients endowed the Paul M. Van Arsdell, Jr. Memorial Lecture on Litigation and the Legal Profession. This lecture series promotes thoughtful discussion on litigation and dispute resolution systems and the highest ethical ideals of the legal profession.

    Mr. Van Arsdell received his bachelor’s degree in 1969 and master’s degree in 1971 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After serving as an officer in the United States Army from 1971 until 1973, he returned to the University of Illinois where he received his law degree in 1977, earning a Rickert Award for Legal Writing and serving as managing editor of the University of Illinois Law Forum.

    Following his graduation from law school, Mr. Van Arsdell clerked for Judge John Godbold of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Montgomery, Alabama. He began his practice in 1978 as an associate for the Chicago-based law firm of Hedlund, Hunter and Lynch, moving to their Los Angeles office in 1980. In 1982 the firm merged with Latham and Watkins; Mr. Van Arsdell became a partner in 1985.

    Mr. Van Arsdell was an outstanding young litigator involved in consumer law and was a role model for younger attorneys. He was regarded by his colleagues as a very hard-working attorney and regularly shared his experiences and expertise with others. He became the youngest head of the firm’s finance committee, a demonstration of the firm’s deep respect for him and his work.

Giving Societies

John E. Cribbet Leadership Giving Society

Donors who make a cash gift to the College of Law on an annual basis at a leadership level are recognized for their exemplary loyalty and generosity (unless requested otherwise) by membership in the John E. Cribbet Leadership Giving Society. Gifts at the leadership levels truly stand alone in their impact on the College of Law and the education it provides to students. $1,000 can pay for a student to refine their litigation skills by traveling to a trial team competition. $2,500 can make the difference between a top prospective student being able to afford coming to Illinois Law.

Cribbet Leadership Society Giving Levels

Dean’s Cabinet $25,000 and above
Dean’s Council $10,000 – $24,999
Dean’s Circle $5,000 – $9,999
Dean’s Fellow $2,500 – $4,999
1897 Society $1,000 – $2,499*

*Classes prior to their 10th reunion qualify at $500
*Classes prior to their 5th reunion qualify at $250

The John E. Cribbet Leadership Giving Society honors the man who served the institution with the passionate belief that our society is served well by introducing women and men to our legal system. A distinguished graduate of the College of Law Class of 1947, John Cribbet went on to teach three generations of students. He founded the Illinois Law Forum, which is today’s University of Illinois Law Review. He mentored students and faculty members in ways that vastly enriched the experiences of both. He wrote books on property law that have had significant influence on the development of the entire property law field.

He became the College’s seventh dean in 1967, then was asked in 1979 to lead this campus as Chancellor. After five years, he returned to active teaching at the College as the Richard W. and Marie L. Corman Professor. Continuing his generosity, he endowed the John E. Cribbet Excellence in Teaching Award to recognize a College of Law professor’s outstanding achievement in the classroom.

Harno Society

The Albert J. Harno Society recognizes those thoughtful and generous alumni and friends, for their foresight and philanthropic spirit when they chose to create an enduring legacy for the long-term welfare of the College by providing gifts through life income or a gift estate to the College.

The Albert J. Harno Society is named after Dean Albert J. Harno, the 6th dean of the College of Law, and a man who left an indelible imprint on this institution. Albert Harno served as dean of the College from 1922 to 1957, guiding the College through fascinating times including the Depression, a World War, and the construction of our current law facility. Dean Harno’s tenure at Illinois – as a professor, dean, and the provost – is a legacy which will live on at the University of Illinois forever.